Success Stories

No hard cash is not a hard problem
The crisis hit Sergey Melnikov really hard. His printing shop’s revenues were falling down, customers weren’t paying, receivables hanging, no money, and to top of all his girlfriend’s birthday was approaching.

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New, loyal, everlasting customers
Vika Nadezhdina never had problems with new customers. They came to her fitness center called “Deeper, Wider, Stronger” near Skhodnenskaya in crowds thanks to ads in the Internet and over the radio.

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Get rid of surplus goods non-liquid assets
Like most entrepreneurs, Viktor Rogov often fell in love with some idea, thought over it daily and nightly, purchased equipment, started production, but then abandoned it equally as quickly due to circumstances or of boredom.

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Cut the costs and save the cash
Arkady Lifshitz has been a tightwad from the childhood! Wouldn’t give you snow in winter. Following his parents’ instructions to save every kopeck he’s made a pile by 30 years.

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Raise the profit!
“10% for framework, 10% for mechanism, 20 – 30% for fabrics, the rest is the premium of the sellers,” for the thousandth time thought Nadezhda Anatolyevna to herself.

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The main objective of the open barter system is helping small and medium enterprises to wide up their capabilities using cutting-edge barter mechanisms. Members of the system are able to:

– Attract new customers – load unemployed capacities or sell surplus goods;

– Reduce the costs thus increasing the enterprise’s profitability;

– Use the system resources thus saving hard cash and making payments with a universal barter trade unit.


B2B.RU is based on open barter principles, which have been working in the West for more than twenty years and have been adapted to the Russian market. Open barter is based on a combination of barter mechanisms and real trade principles – a system member becomes able to sell its goods and services and buy goods and services from other members for B2B Money (universal barter trade unit).

More details on the open barter are here.


Members of the system are various small and medium enterprises, i.e. traders, manufacturers and service providers, etc. The members interact with each other just like under real economy, at that the system provides incentives for active and promising members, eliminating or penalizing those who violate its Regulations or business ethics principles.

You can have a look on the goods and services available on the system in our presentation.


The founders and workforce of B2B.RU are the team of companies, private investors and persons who have come together to promote open barter in Russia, to develop the network of alternative non-cash solutions and to help small and medium companies strive against the global financial crisis.

The founders of the system have a thirty-year joint experience in direct marketing, Internet business and financial services:

  • In 1998 one of the first Russian call centers engaged in outbound marketing, lead generation and direct sales in the B2B market was founded;
  • Several web portals and projects were developed with an orientation towards improvement of trade relations for small and medium businesses;
  • One of the biggest financial companies was created, financing more than 20 000 Russian small and medium businesses.

This experience gave the founders a detailed know-how of the demands of Russian small and medium businesses and all the instruments required for active development of the first Russian Open Barter System.


Today, there are several hundreds of systems based on the open barter principles. Many of them have multibillion revenues and exist for more than 20 years. The leaders in the open barter domain can be found from international company ratings, but here we list just the three biggest players:




Seven Most Common Myths About Barter 

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